“Cash is King” has never been more true!

Never has the phrase “cash is king” been more pertinent than when you are starting up your business, or recovering from an extended period of low demand (like right now!).  An explosion of sales and the resulting influx of money can lead to temptations for splurging on something your business has needed for some time: new computers, a new display fridge – you get the drift.  Managing your cash flow effectively is critical during these times, you must make sure you are able to pay your suppliers, and never forget that you have tax obligations, and superannuation to pay.

According to a study by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, just under half of all small businesses indicate that their cash flow has suffered because of late payments from clients, and 92% believe that they would have generated more revenue in previous years if their cash flow was improved.  Creditor management is critically important for all businesses.

Contact Customised Accounting Matters for a free cash flow analysis, and some ideas on how to improve it.  Its never too late to get your cash flow under control.

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